El'dad Ranch

El'dad Ranch

El’Dad Ranch is a multi-faceted program that provides residential support, vocational training, and assistance in creating a future of choice for men with intellectual disabilities. 

Located on eighteen wooded acres in south-eastern Manitoba, participants live on-site in one of three facilities, with support provided by volunteers and staff.

Started by Addison and Gerda Klassen in the early 1980s, El’dad Ranch, then a program of MCC Manitoba has offered young men who have been at odds with the law a second chance.

Over the years, with the help of countless others, the vision has expanded and lives have been enriched with new skills and possibilities. As of 2011, El’dad became part of Initiatives for Just Communities, an umbrella organization with a Restorative Justice focus.

Many of the residents come from hard backgrounds and live with special challenges. For them to heal and move forward, they need unconditional acceptance, to be listened to, and to be treated with gentleness, compassion, and respect.

With guidance and support, the residents learn to make healthy choices for themselves and develop real hope for their future.