john russell honey

The John Russell Honey Company was started back
in 1999 in Petersfield Manitoba. With a culinary background,
and a desire to provide something different for
his customers, John started blending only the finest
ingredients into his creamed honey to flavor it.
No extracts, no artificial flavors, no food dyes, just
pure fruit and spices. This dedication to quality and
care soon built up a loyal following of clientele, and
although the business has grown greatly in size, the
core values remain the same:

  • Only the best Manitoba Honey is produced and used.
  • Only pure ingredients ever go into our honey
  • Only hand packaging will ensure great quality.

We greatly enjoy producing the best honey blends for
your families table, and would like to thank you for
supporting local agribusinesses, and Manitoba

John Russell

Never Settle For Less Than Pure

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