Rising Global Grain Prices

Rising Global Grain Prices - Farmery Estate Brewing Company Inc.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have a severe impact on global grain prices, which will in turn affect the pricing of food, barley malt, and specifically beer. Russia produces 13% of the world’s barley, and Ukraine produces 5%. Currently the war is preventing spring seeding by Ukrainian farmers, and sanctions will block Russian farmers’ ability to sell their grain on the world market.  

Added to that is the impact of the price of gas in shipping and supply chains globally, as sanctions on Russian oil and gas continue. This grain and oil shortage will drive up prices for grain commodities and the products they make, such as beer, and the cost of shipping these products.

Overall, it has become clear that global supply chains are vulnerable to inevitable societal and environmental shocks. Supply chains that we have become accustomed to for the last 30 years will change and adapt, and will be located closer to home.

Farmery Estate Brewery, by being able to grow barley and hops right next door to our brewery, addresses all these supply chain changes, and ensures that they minimize the impact on you, our local customer.

Our customers know that with every sip of a Farmery beer, they are tasting genuine farm-to-table quality and flavor, a beer that has a low carbon footprint, and a beer that is less susceptible to wild swings in pricing due to shortage in global grain commodities such as barley malt and hops.

Best of all: we now have over 30 different styles of beer—a beer style for everyone. This is the Farmery Estate Brewery Advantage!