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Sustainability above all else

Our beer starts where all great sustainable products do: on a farm close to home.

Farmery Estate Brewery is an “estate” brewery: both a family farm, where we grow ingredients for our beer such as barley and hops, and a brewery, where we use our ingredients to brew premium, sustainable beer. Our customers know that with every sip of a Farmery beer, they are tasting genuine farm-to-table quality and flavor.

 What makes us extraordinary is that we not only make beer with what we grow, but we produce other products ranging from malted sodas for the whole family, to bath and beauty products, in an eco-friendly way that we can all be proud of.

Dedicated to a small carbon footprint

There is nothing more close to nature than farming—and we at Farmery believe in being good farmers that want to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible!

One of the ways we reduce the impact on the environment is by removing the outsourcing of ingredients and production from our supply chain and by doing so, reducing our carbon footprint. No trucks hauling barley over provincial lines, and no ships needed to bring hops or barley into Canada from overseas.

Utilizing our crops in new ways

At Farmery we constantly try to discover new ways to use the crops that we grow on our family farm. 

From our barley we also make malted soda & NEDI energy drinks. With our hops, we make bath and beauty products with the hop oil we extract ourselves. Our hop oil can be used to infuse our beer and enrich the flavour in new and interesting ways. By making other products with what we grow, we are able to maximize the efficiency of our small farm without having to necessarily expand our acreage, thereby helping the environment by reducing inputs such as fuel or fertilizer.

Reducing, reusing, recycling

Reduce, reuse, recycle—the three key words of actions we all use to reduce our impact on the environment. We use recyclable aluminum cans for our beer. Our spent barley is either sold to local farmers to feed their cattle, or composted on our farm to be worked back into the soil and provide nutrients to our future crops.  Being green means being more efficient, and being more efficient results in having less impact on the environment.

From our farm to your table

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