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Farm Credit Canada

In honour of Canada’s Agriculture Day, Farm Credit Canada​ published an article in regards to how Canadian food and beverage businesses have adapted throughout the pandemic.

They highlight our new fulfilment centre in Winnipeg and dive into the story of how we adapted to the pandemic by producing hand sanitizer.

“At the height of the unknown, we hired more people, we added two shifts and seven days of production to our schedule. With the help of dedicated employees and the concern for the well-being of our province we did not go back to beer production for over two and half months.”

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The Brandon Sun

Chris and Lawrence displaying cans of hand sanitizer

The Brandon Sun published this article in 2020 in regards to Farmery’s expansion into Hand Sanitizer. As we all know, when the first wave of COVID-19 hit hand sanitizer was in high demand, and there were shortages for places in need. Farmery stepped up to the plate and started producing hand sanitizer for those who need it, and later started to sell the sanitizer to businesses and individuals. In a time where shopping local is essential for local economies, Farmery has helped conscious shoppers find their local producer for hand sanitizer. To read more, click here

 Winnipeg Free Press

Chris and Lawrence at Farmery Estate Brewery

The Winnipeg Free Press published “Neepawa's Farmery Brewery cracks Ontario market” in 2019 when Farmery became the first Manitoba craft beer to break into the Ontario market. To read more about the expansion into Eastern Canada, click here.

Bioscience Association of Manitoba

Farmery Estate Brewery testing hop oil for herbal properties to benifit sleep

Bioscience Association of Manitoba published this interesting article on the sleep benefits of hop-oil entitled “Farmery Estate Brewery Collaborates with Sleep Analysis Company Cerebra in Study of New Hop-Oil Infused Product for Sleep”. This article highlights the findings of a successful study of the herbal qualities of hop-oil, and how it can positively affect your sleep. To learn more, click here. Or, read about it on the Cerebra website, click here

 My Westman

Farmery at Open Farm day standing on porch ready to give tours

My Westman wrote in regards to Farmery’s involvement in the 15th annual Open Farm Day back in 2018. This event is held by the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies, and is an opportunity for people in Manitoba to see how their food and beverages are made. Farmery took this opportunity to tour the great people of Manitoba around their family farm where all of the barley & hops are grown that goes into the delicious beverages that we all know and love. Farmery also used this opportunity to create a fundraiser for 4-H Beef Clubs, one of the many charitable campaigns that Farmery has taken on to continue to support local producers as the company grows. To read more, click here.

 My Farm Life

Chris and Lawrence showcasing the premium Lager beer standing in the farm field

My Farm Life wrote the article “An On-Farm Brewery Pays Tribute to Orange Tractors” that breaks down the history of our logo. Click here to learn more. 

 Government of Manitoba

Farmery hops farm brewing in manitoba hops plant image

The Government of Manitoba wrote and published this article entitled “Hops farms brewing in Manitoba” to highlight the importance of Farmery Estate Brewery’s hop yard, and the ability for it to fulfill the needs of local breweries who wish to source their ingredients locally. To read more, click here.

The Manitoba Co-Operator

Chris and Lawrence at the farm in Neepawa Manitoba

The Manitoba Co-Operator wrote the article “Back to the future for local brewer” in regards to the unique agri-tourism destination that is Farmery Estate Brewery. The article discusses the uniqueness of being able to see how the barley and hops are grown, in addition to how the beer is made. To read more about this incredible opportunity to learn about the beer making process, click here 



Cask published the article “From Farm to Can Brewing” in 2016 to give their readers a brief history lesson on how Farmery Estate Brewery was started. ““Nobody tops a farmer,” Warawuk says, “when it comes to using your limited resources wisely.” Warwaruk knows both of these trades firsthand. He and his brother Lawrence are farmers, brewers and the founders of Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa, Manitoba.” To read more, click here.



The CBC published an article in 2014 after Farmery Estate Brewery got its deal on Dragons Den. This funding went towards building the brewery in Neepawa so that Farmery could step away from it’s Ontario partnership. The deal means the brothers will build Canada’s first estate brewery, similar to a winery, where people can come and sample the beer right where it’s made on the farm.” To read more, click here

 The Financial Post


Chris and Lawrence on the farm holding the premium lager can and bottle

The Financial Post published “Dragons hop on the estate brewery beer bandwagon” after Farmery founders, Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk, got a 200k deal on Dragons Den! Click here to read more 

 Real Agriculture

Real Agriculture published the article “Farmery Brewery Expands into Pil Territory: Made-in-Manitoba Brew Goes to the Gap” in regards to Farmery Estate Brewery’s first expansion out of Manitoba into the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. To read more about this business venture, click here